February 7, 2010

Model: Chavon Staten

MUA: Kayla Jo Berley

Wardrobe: David Morgan

Beaded Jewelry: Naja Naja

Photography: akiackee

Location: 3rd Ward

Chavon Staten is 8 months pregnant here and how beautiful she looks!!  I always had issues that pregnant women are veiwed as not-so-hot and gorgeous.  I can careless what other people think but I wanted to make a statement!!  I believe pregnant women are absoutely, stunningly beautiful and I wanted to convey the message.

I have asked David Morgan and Kayla Jo to collaborate on goddess image making and here’s what we got.  Beautiful, isn’t she?


3 Responses to “GODDESS…”

  1. clayspace Says:

    yes, beautiful she is. thank you for making me smile at how beautiful i felt and looked while carrying kya. ah, to feel that much joy inside oneself is like sunshine within! thanks for sharing, aki. ; ) janine

    • akiackee Says:

      We often forget how wonderful it is to have children once they are out in the world! It’s often great, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes challenging. We just have to keep going, keep loving!

  2. Rashida Says:


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